Organic Recycling / Composting

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Organics Recycling and Composting with American Recycling Mgmt. LLC.

Today, there are more techniques to recycle a greater variety of materials than ever, and the market continues to expand. The most recent in a line of efforts to promote a greener and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle is organics recycling and composting. One approach many use to decrease the amount of waste being placed in the garbage is to engage in garden composting. This entails recycling fruit and vegetable scraps and yard waste into a compost in their home or yard. This is a somewhat complicated process that requires diligence and dedication.

Fortunately, organics recycling does not have to limited to people prepared to compost in their gardens. American Recycling Mgmt. provides an easy solution, and with its large-scale compost center that reaches higher temperatures, it accepts more types of organic waste than most backyard composting efforts can accommodate. Curbside or drop-off organics recycling/composting allows households to put the accumulated food waste and other organic items to great use.

Compostable Materials

Compostable waste is any biodegradable organic waste that is decomposed and recycled to produce nutrient-rich fertilizer to the soil. It is created from these ingredients:

  • Certified compostable products
  • Food waste including bread, milk, and cheese
  • Food waste including bones, eggshells, and meat
  • Food waste including fruits and vegetables
  • Grass, leaves, and garden waste
  • Natural-fiber clothing
  • Non-recyclable paper products including egg cartons, napkins, and pizza boxes

In fact, nearly a third of what people throw away is actually a natural substance and it can be composted. The more water the organic matter contains, the more quickly it will break down.

American Recycling Mgmt., LLC. retrieves organic and food waste from its valued clients. Those who own a restaurant or other food establishment should be recycling and composting food waste to make sure a cleaner, greener Earth.

How to Recycle/Compost Organics

Recycling organics requires a bit of focus regarding what materials are included in what is included. Additionally, those wishing to send their organics to American Recycling’s Transfer Station and Recycling Center should consider placing the material within a compostable bag. They should also try to primarily choose compostable items when they are making purchases. Biodegradable is not the same as compostable and biodegradable products should not be automatically placed in the organics recycling/composting bin. Products with labels like BPI and Cedar Grove indicate they are certified compostable.

American Recycling Mgmt., LCC. provides the necessary infrastructure required for successful organic composting. It then transports the food and other organic matter to its facility where it turns the substances into compost and other soil amendments.

Why Recycle/Compost Organics

Organics recycling and composting is a great way to cut down on personal or business garbage. In addition to reducing the size and possible cost of trash removal, it also puts this type of waste to good use by creating a valuable resource. Save the environment, as well as money and time by turning food and other organic waste into compost with American Recycling Waste Management services. Reduce your environmental footprint and contact American Recycling Mgmt, LLC. at (718) 739-2301 today!

Industry Benefits

With customizable waste management options, American Recycling Mgmt. LLC. is providing a Cleaner, Greener Tomorrow.

American Recycling specializes in recycling and composting programs for a broad variety of private, public, and commercial establishments.

American Recycling Mgmt. LLC. makes constant efforts to improve safety conditions in the work-place.

Adaptive and dependable, American Recycling Mgmt. LLC. ‘s response time and problem-solving skills are unparalleled in the waste management and recycling industry.